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Contact us, and we’ll help you find your dream job... is a friendly employment agency, specializing in the recruitment of candidates who speak foreign languages for multinational corporations from the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, which have offices in Poland.
On behalf of our Partners we are looking for candidates both for positions that do not require any professional experience, and for top executive posts.
Your foreign language is the key – it will open many doors for you!
Our Clients are constantly looking for Polish employees who speak their language...!

If you have an excellent command of such foreign language as German, English, Russian, French, Czech, Spanish, or other... and if you plan to use your language skills in your career, in order to maintain or perfect your skills send your CV to us today or fill in the application form, and we will be happy to inform you about current job offers that are worth noticing!
If any of the offers seems particularly interesting to you, we will meet and discuss further actions:

First, we will listen to your expectations – we will tell you more about the offer and then schedule an interview with your potential employer – and we will help you prepare for the interview, so that you can show your best side! The rest is up to you!

You’ll benefit from registering in our database, as it will provide you with access to current job offers involving the foreign language you know well!!

We would like to invite high school and university students, those who have little work experience, as well as those who already have a great track record, but are still looking for new challenges!

We will help you find your dream job faster and more easily!

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